Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well I've signed up for 12in2011...12 knitted projects to complete in 2011! I had so many WIPs (Work In Progress) that Ive decided to have 2 lists, one for WIPs & one for NEW projects ~

 WIP LIST:                                         NEW LIST:
January - Sorello Asha                        Sorello Mia
February - Sorello Emma                    Acacia Emma
March - Mums Scarf                           Skull Socks Dami
April - Picovoli T                                Heart Illusion Socks
May - Honeybee Cardi                        Hypernova Scarf
June - Emma's Stripey Socks              Vogon Socks
July - Kiama Socks                            Soxie Anklet Socks
August - Chevron Scarf                      Sabine Cardi
September - Witchy Stripe Socks       Pretty Socks
October - Vinnland Socks                   Stained Glass Bubble Socks
November - Hitch-hiker Scarf             Kneehigh Socks
December - Vamp Blood Socks          Roll Top Ankle Socks

So, busy? Hmmm maybe, I'm going to get all the patterns & yarns into bags & ATTEMPT to stick to these!??

Sunday, September 5, 2010


My Boss AKA baby sister has had words with me again...& I think some of it is sticking this time...didn't help that mum emailed some awful  pics from the twins b'day yesterday...GROSS...

So I have the start of a plan...
10min on the treadmill everyday this week ~ 6th - 12th Sept
20min on the treadmill everyday next week ~ 13th - 19th Sept
Go back to the gym week starting 20th Sept at least twice a week to do a weights circuit & a cardio workout

GOALS so far ( a work in progress...)
Loss 10kg
Work towards walking to school at least 3 days a week
Work towards do a swim workout at least once a week to start with
Cook dinner 6 out of 7 days a week
Eat breakfast EVERYDAY
Eat a 'proper' lunch
Eat more fruit & veg